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Denis Medri draws Star Wars as an 80’s high school movie

This is awesome.


"free speech" is my fav. thing nerds resort to to defend their opinions they’re literally saying "I am completely out of coherent defences for my opinion so I’m just going to state that it’s not legal for you to arrest me for it" am i supposed to respond with "its ok im not a cop" or what i dunno

It always reminds me of when we were kids and you’d tell someone to stop doing something and their response would always be “It’s a free country!”

Congrats, you’re at the same intelligence level as a 6 year old.


I’m so hype right now.

Anonymous asked:
Casual reminder that your blog is cool

Haha, thanks! Little out of the blue, but definitely appreciated :D

Brought this home today :D #Wiiu #zelda #mariokart8 #nintendo


at the e3 conference


Obligatory “look how far we’ve come” post